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Written in the Cards-2020

When asked for guidance of the Tarot cards for this year, the 3 cards that came out told me that 2020 would be a strong changer and a year that would carry us towards purity and simplicity.

The first card I drew was the Devil.

The master of darkness will guide us through the first 4 months of the year and invite us to look in those places we normally do not look at, in our own darkness.

Remember, Satan is also an angel, and under the guidance of the celestial supports (I mention in a previous article), we will see that the first 4 months strongly delivering us the courage to descend into our darkness.

The strongest themes of Satan card are addictions and relationships.

This year, relationships will be on our agenda, first of all our relationship with ourselves, and then we will experience the most transformative effect in bilateral relations as we transform our relationship with the outside world.

How harmonious are the masculine and feminine in '' the devil to whisper from the depths of the underground.

Anything you can not adapt to or leave behind in the dark will be shown to you by others, don't forget ''

While the ground under our feet is shaking, maybe we will notice the chains in our hands, arms and wrists whilst trying to escape rather than confront.

And we will hear that voice from the deep again,

"What is it that imprisons you?"

Look, as you look at those who imprison you once and for all, you may be in fear, maybe its an addiction, maybe a desire that imprisons you.

If you decide to give up, you will find the key in your hand to what imprisons you.

And we will look at our shadows. We will see who we are. Just at that moment, you will remember the first name of "Satan", "Lucifer".

It will be with this meeting that brings the light and brings the light to its darkness. Thus, we will now be ready to get out from the depths of the underground towards the sun.

Our journey that will start with the first spring will be guided by the sun and we will feel completely naked, pure and innocent at every step.

The fact that the sun is at the center of the sun brings all its brightness and support to the two powerful transforming effects. The sun always heralds the birth of a new day.

This is the exact meaning of Jung's words,

"Whoever perceives his shadow and light at the same time, sees himself from both sides and thus finds the middle point."

The sun rising after the devil reminds us that it is time to ride our horse to the blues and beautiful days.

After what we find and bring to the day in our depths, we should feel our eyes, liveliness, growth and support behind us, like those who look at the day now. In the union of the masculine and our female, meeting with our inner child is of course ready to knock on the door of the new order, and as of September, with the influence of the Tower, each building block we have built up to date is destroyed, to create the new.

With the touch of the celestial supports and the call of our soul, masculine and feminine are stripped. The old order must be demolished so that it must be prepared for the new one.

With the support of the sun and the brightness and inspiration that we have built ourselves to be safe, the moments / memories that we compress begin to dissolve.

Because while looking inside a tower brings only a limited view, opening behind the walls of the tower will open the door of the world of eternal and infinite.

The collapse of all narrow structures will actually be the salvation of the soul.

This shows me that it will be destroyed in all the order we are accustomed to socially. Change can have a bomb effect for some of us, but we are moving according to the call of our soul, our guides who are ready to demolish what we could not do with our own power with a lightning bolt from above.

This last 4 months, which includes a sudden and big change that we will feel shaky, will actually prepare us for the new world that we will enter in 2021.

You will never and never be the same when you are at the end of the road. Now taking all the clothes on you, all the teachings that you can't get any more because the glass is full, you will open your arms to the sky for the new one. Change is coming this year in its most powerful yet beautiful form.

In the unity of our irreducible, dark and bright, masculine - feminine and inner child, the awakening of the new dimension, now new, has begun.

Are you ready to accept?

So the most beautiful treasure will be waiting for you at the end of the road, you have walked to your own truth, free from all its limitations, come on the road, the truth is waiting for you, and the road first reaches its own depth, with all its glory.

About the reader and member of the International Tarot Foundation:

Gülçin Önel, continues her Goddess journey that began after a call many years ago, and reminds many women and men what she herself remembers inside. Her in situ Goddess seminars in Turkey are a first, and they aim to help participants remember the steps of the Goddess Cult within them, as they connect with the Ancient Knowledge that is there, in the depths of the earth.

That is why she prefers to call her work a journey of remembrance instead of a discipline or teaching. In this respect, while she guides a spiritual journey of Goddesses in the lands of Anatolia, she goes deeper in her work with meditative initiations.

Gülçin also works in the field of Archetypal Psychology and has a Psychology Master's, where she focused on Usage of Mythology in Therapies.

She is the author of Lilith's Light-11 and her book is currently being translated into English. She continues to make her path cross with those who are ready to remember the Goddess within them, seeking for her without knowing what they are looking for, and who are ready to harmonize their steps with the Goddess.

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