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The King of Conventional, a King with a Purpose.

A look at how the energy of the King of Pentacles may highlight a potential marriage or relationship issue.

The King of Pentacles is a traditionalist, he believes that the husbands role is to work hard and provide for his family. Family and home is very important to him and he enjoys stability, predictability, control he is responsible and practical, he has a mature outlook and a serious nature.

He requires respect and feels the way to achieve respect is through business and career success.

There is no room in his life for frivolous behaviour and fun. He enjoys relaxing at home surrounded by home comforts that he has worked hard to provide.

The man's life experiences may mean his sense of self worth is all wrapped up in the above image which he feels he needs to live up to and project. It may have made him controlling and domineering in his quest for financial wealth and business and career success and this is spilling over to home life and his relationship with his wife.

He is all practical and serious and lacking adventure and risk he's so focused on upholding his image he forgets to check in with his own emotions or his wife's feelings or opinions. He suppresses his need for fun, adventure and risk and living in the moment. Suppresses any passions or desires other than work.

He may place the same high expectations on his wife and as a result suppress her desire for fun. He may be unable to act like her lover and provide her with the intimacy and passion she desires. He may spend to much time and energy working that he has little left over for her and she feels neglected and taken for granted. He is probably oblivious to the reason for his wife's unhappiness or discontent as he believes he is playing his part well and living up to the responsibilities of a husband he is not unkind but lacking in the ability to recognise his wife's emotional needs.

Image of the King of Pentacles from the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by Kind Permission of Robert Place

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