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 A Question of Spirituality

 This section of the member's area is dedicated to looking at the spiritual connection to the Major Arcana. Following this introduction you will find links to a short audio on each Major Arcana card. So far, we have added   The Fool, the Magician, the  High Priestess and the Empress ( Further audios are to be added)

To understand the Spiritual journey we firstly need to consider how we

perceive spirituality. To many people it will represent varied meanings

which may depend upon their own understanding of spirituality and

their own philosophy.Much of this will depend on individual

experience and belief systems, upbringing, culture etc.

For me, spirituality is the essence of what we develop in our

search for Divine affinity.

There is sometimes a misconception that spirituality is religion

based, religion and spirituality can co exist within one’s life but they

are two separate ideals. One does not need to be religious to be

spiritual and one does not need to be spiritual to be religious.

Religion offers a way of life, living within a set of rules in accordance to that

religion. Religion can represent believing in one or several Gods, as is defined by each

individual religion.Spirituality is internal, at Soul level and is a way of being.


Of course, not everyone will seek their own understanding and development of spirituality.  Some people seek out their own learning and understanding of spirituality and others are nudged along in this direction. 

Our life experiences sometimes lead us to spirituality as we search for inner peace but whatever the reason or purpose, I believe it is a worthy journey to embark upon. 

Tarot offers us teaching on how we develop along this journey and also how our Soul develops as we work through life’s lessons, the struggles and changes that we work through.

As we travel this journey, the ideal is that we learn intrinsically, internally.  This way we can developing a higher vibration of understanding of ourselves and the reason for our existence.

We can learn to control our responses to events and situations and our physical needs.

Our life, the universe and the infrastructure is more so understood and we can work at developing an inner acceptance of our place within the universe. 

This learning offers us a gradual development at Soul level, in simple terms, we become wiser. This wisdom allows us to make balanced choices for ourselves, our highest good and the good of others.

Throughout any transformation spiritually, there is an inner and outward change, enlightenment shows in people. Just as the Hermit’s lamp, something stands out and they reflect an inner light that is recognizable.

Paid tree of life pic.jpeg

Please click on each individual image below to hear the card's audio insight. Further audios will be added over the coming weeks.

 Thank you to Robert Place for the kind permission to use the deck images from the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery.

Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery 'Fool' St
magician tsm.jpg
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