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Tarot consultant Certification course
Accredited & Approved!

Why Certification?
Mention Tarot Certification and some readers are intrigued and and some probably haven't given much thought to Tarot qualification.
Here at the International Tarot Foundation, we recognize the value of such study and the benefits that becoming qualified with an official trainer can bring.
Tarot study along with its associative studies offers the potential of enhancing Tarot insight and wisdom.
Tarot reading can be a purely natural, intuitive process or it can be an indepth study over many years and often it is a combination of both. After all, ask any Tarot reader and they will readily admit that they are always learning and always the student.

Our aim is to offer a course of study that enables the reader to be the very best in their field, one that befits the professional, knowledgeable reader or the reader who wants to become professional.
It is also true that many clients will appreciate the reassurance of a qualification.
If you are looking for an easily acquired certificate and qualification then this is not the course of study for you but if you want to join a select group of professional Tarot Consultants then you are exactly where you need to be! 
You may have seen 'other ' Tarot Certification courses that last maybe several months only or consist of a very small number of courses, well our Tarot Master Certification is substantial and offers quality learning and mentoring. Students of the Certification that we conduct are now almost completing their second year of study-this is a substantial focus on you, the student and bringing the best reader out of you!
Modules: The program consists of 7 modules in total which, depending on experience will include 7 of the following with 2 of the courses being compulsory. The 'NEW' courses have been rewritten based on the previous popular ones but with improvements. 

So 'NEW' You Want to Learn Tarot ( Beginners )
The 'NEW' Essential Next Step
The 'NEW'
 Tarot Elementally Speaking
Tarot Works with Numerology
Tarot & The 12 Houses of Astrology
The Major Arcana Up Close & Personal

The Tarot Absolute: Intuitive Reading
The Spiritual Journey through the Major Arcana
Tarot & the Ethical Reader 

Mentoring is given throughout the entire of the Certification Program, you will be mentored on a one to one basis. 
Take a look at our School platform-Academia

Academia School for Tarot & Corresponding Studies

You will be awarded your Certification once you have fulfilled the completion of the 7 Modules and satisfied the Certification committee that you are reflecting the principles of good practice as set out within our Ethos at the International Tarot Foundation. We will then add you to our Reader's Roll of honor to our website!

The ideal is that this course of study is carried out within 18 months- 2years. Some may complete within 12 months if they are a developed reader but we ask that everyone works steadily and methodically.

All students are strictly monitored and given One to One Mentoring throughout.

We accept beginners or advanced readers and can support students who have specific difficulties in learning.

Above all, we pride ourselves on the standards we set and the level of commitment that we offer to our students.

Some of the courses are compulsory and these work hand in hand with our ethos here at the Foundation.

All our students can join the IICT who can also offer very reasonably priced Public Liability Insurance.

The wonderful aspect of this course of study is that we will continue to work with a student until they have reached a level of ability that we have confidence in and feel that they are ready to be assessed by the panel.

There is no final exam, instead, we teach you through your courses and mentor you through your practical readings -until you are ready for the practical assessment. At this point, you will be a confident and knowledgeable reader who is ready to take on clients and read proficiently for anyone.

We offer 3 options for payment of our Certification course.

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