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He loves me, he loves me not?


Wanting to know how someone feels about another is possibly one of the most commonly read subjects of a Tarot reading. Remember that feelings are very subjective, after all, how you, I or another person views and even feels love can vary significantly and yet we expect Tarot to answer the question.

Think about this for a moment, Tarot connects with us and our perspective, it atunes to our understanding.So when we actually read on how another person feels about us or about someone else, we may just be adding a veil of confusion to the situation which will serve little purpose.

The real question is, do we or Tarot have so much influence and control over another's unconscious thought in the first place?

Certain cards may make an appearance in a reading and they may show us the energy of the relationship and this in turn, can help us to form a basis of understanding. This is not a prediction but more so a reasonable guide based on intuition and logical deciphering.

The truth is that it is not always easy to find clarity on such matters and as we know, not everyone wants to share their feelings and this is understandable and should be respected.

So why would Tarot tell us what someone may not want to share with us and should we ask such questions in the first place?

My advice is to look at the energy that is between you and the other person and lay cards for this and/or look at how you can improve the relationship between you both. Lay 'past' cards as part of your reading so that you can see why you are in the current energy and maybe consider asking your cards how you can best let go of this person especially if you are finding that you are in a negative situation. If feelings between you and another are in question then here lies the answer already.

Empower yourself and strengthen your position!

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