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                                             2018 Carta Awards!    

ITF Presentation 2018

Hello and welcome to the 2018 CARTA Awards.
Today we celebrate and congratulate the artists and authors who created the awe inspiring Cartomancy decks of 2017.

Once voting was opened on the ITF website, during the course of the voting period, the awards received almost 1,700 individual votes, which was amazing.

The competition turned out to be very close indeed, so much so that one day would see a shift in the lead in several categories.

I do feel that showcasing the individual decks certainly encouraged more interest and votes, next year we hope aim to build on the success of this year even more so!

Without further adieu, please enjoy the video presentation and thankyou once more for your much appreciated votes and participation in these awards

Please remember to register your interest for the 2019 CARTA Awards ( Subscribe to the Home Page and you will be sent details.

Lara Houston  & JR Rivera

Winner's Certificates Will be Sent Out to You Soon.
We look forward to the 2019 ITF CARTA Awards
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