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The Omnipresence in Tarot

I was discussing the Lovers card and the Devil card with one of our students earlier today, in particular the Angel and the Devil which are represented in each card's imagery.


​The size of them in relation to the subjects of each card, the individuals, is significantly larger in proportion so it is probably fair to say that their presence is the featuring factor of the card.

You will notice, if you look through the Majors of the Waite Smith deck you will also find that the Judgement card bears this theme, the angel is proportionally larger than the subjects. In fact, together they form a trinity symbol, which has varied meanings, depending on one's own ethos and belief system. Without this large presence, we have no additional consequence, conscience or higher self to consider. We see the Lovers opening the door to us now beginning to look at the bigger picture, we begin to look beyond our own physical self and begin to consider our spiritual self too.

The omnipresent energy of these 3 Tarot cards, signify ​the collective, creative element, the spiritual element but with a unique trilogy of its own, whether it be for the good or not so good.

Actually this makes me think further about the Devil card and his purpose in our lives and his relevance within our own spiritual understanding. Of course, we need him so we can learn, so we can understand and we can access the higher spiritual aspect of this card and all it offers.

Special thanks to the US Games for their kind permission of use of their deck images for the Waite Smith deck 1971.

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