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Reading Framework

This section is dedicated to providing a framework to support your skills development. I believe that it is important to methodically approach a reading when first learning how to read Tarot.

This along with the use of intuition will help you to optimize your skills.


reading 2.jpeg
Overview of useful points to consider before heading into your Tarot read interpretation. 
Reading Framework 1.png
Point 1 from the Pre-Interpretation Overview:
How do you feel about the reading?
reading framework 2.png
Point 2 from the Pre-Interpretation Overview:
Can you see any patterns?
reading framework 3.png
Point 3 from the Pre-Interpretation Overview:
Does a specific element feature in your reading?
reading framework 4.png
Point 4 from the Pre-Interpretation Overview:
Do you see more Major or Minor Arcana cards?
reading framework 5.png
Point 5 from the Pre-Interpretation Overview:
Do you recognise notable changes or transitions?
reading framework 6.png
Point 6 from the Pre-Interpretation Overview:
Are there more odd card numbers than even?
reading framework 7.png

The images below offer strategies that are aimed at helping you to develop your interpretation.

You can refer to these 'tips' when carrying out face to face and email readings.

Below is an a 3 card practise journal template that I have created for you to try out.
By clicking on the first image, you can download the 3 page journal as a  word document.
3 Read Skill Practise pic_Page_1.jpg
3 Read Skill Practise pic_Page_2.jpg
3 Read Skill Practise pic_Page_3.jpg
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