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Tread Where Justice Reigns

''I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against''.

Malcolm X

The principle of truth, she sits within her pillars , direct and without prejudice.

Her presence in our readings conveys a direct and simple message, we are indeed on the verge of opportunity.

Of course, this is not the opportunity as offered by the Wheel of Fortune but more so an opportunity of 'sorts', a spiritual opportunity we can call it.

Now, in her presence, we are at the point where our decisions will count within the larger scheme of the universe, we walk within her domain and she watches over.

What do we decide?

Do we bypass her and continue onto the Hanged Man, who asks us to now wait and think about this differently?

After all, at this stage, he presents us with gentle reconsidering of what we know to be best for us.

The problem is that often, we do not want that which is 'good' for us, especially if it means letting go of what we desire. Do we even know what is best for us?

As we journey on, we pass through the Majors, each offering their beneficial energy to the situation, energy which will enable the individual more so .

Death, suggests finality although we know him better as transformation, it is true, we are considered to have no choice in this, yet it is quite possible to resist. However, eventually the inevitable will come but holding on with only make the grief deeper.

And so, the journey continues, each step a new lesson, each stage a new phase in our spiritual progression.

Let us not forget that we continue to walk through the jurisdiction of Justice and she oversees-still with a watchful eye.

It will of course, come in time, to the role of Judgement to sound the trumpet, to call for adherance to finally do what needs to be done, our calling is loud and clear.

I find it somewhat fascinating how the spiritual aspect of the Major Arcana is connected to our own development and how we can learn so much from this understanding.

If we go back to Justice, she asks us to consider balance and fairness, our future, is more in our own hands than we realise.

Rider Waite 1971 Images courtesy of US Games

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