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Karmic Bonds of Love

It is very helpful when carrying out a Tarot reading to recognize the cards that possibly lean towards a karmic situation when there may be karmic debt to be repaid or simply there is beneficial learning that needs to take place. There is often no easy way through a Karmic situation, except the hard way but I do feel that as we develop at Soul level, our lessons are quicker recognized and learnt.

The people involved will often struggle to find their way of letting go and feel such a strong pull towards the other person. The relationship may be ending or has ended and yet the break isnt being made and although there is significant hurt, they still tolerate the misery. The guidance we give, will be invaluable to the situation and one aspect of the message that I find very important to get across is that if the break is not made, these guys often end up hating each other. It really is such a traumatic experience. Some of the 'big' Majors will often make an appearance for these reads. The sitter may be experiencing a troubled relationship or ex relationship and the cards will reflect this, such as: Justice: Karmic energy of the relationship Devil: Strong and often negative bond with the other person Hanged Man: The universe is advising to let go Death: Time to let go, no longer a choice Tower: If the situation is still dragging on, the Gods say 'No more!'. Judgement: A call to let go 8 of Swords: Often appears with the Devil to reflect the mental strain. 5 of Pentacles: The more this relationship survives the more miserable the two partners can become 5 of Cups: Feeling the loss 9 of Pentacles: Often with the Devil when finally free emotionally of the bond Recovery: The Star/Moon/ Sun/World: Debt repaid and lesson learnt

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