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At the End of One's Tether!

The 7 of Pentacles is one of those cards that I look at and think 'ah'. The Pentacles are very focused on work and effort and what we gain and achieve through this energy that we put in. The 7 of Pentacles, reflects our determined effort and our patience although the situation often demands patience so choice may not neccessarily come into it. But frustration does come into it because we see a passage of time in play here and a situation that needs to be tendered and nurtured. The crux of the matter is how long do we wait for this tree to bear fruit? or will it even bear fruit? We are often driven to do the right thing with a sense of purpose and hope and this may be why we continue with our efforts even why we seem to be failing. I would see this card's energy as one that has some hope of positivity but an aspect of it being a fair challenge too. The Chariot's energy associates and gives us the energy to perservere at all costs but do not be surprised if in your readings, you see cards that have moved on from the situation after accepting that the time has come to look to our highest good. Thoth calls the card 'Failure' and I can see why it would be called this. Maybe the card tells us more about unreasonable expectations that also lead to dissapointments? As guidance, the 7 of Pentacles can also be a reminder to take better care of ourselves and that there is much work to do before things may improve. Again, the insight returns to the aspect of effort that is needed. The Waite Smith 1971 US Games.

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