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Tarot '50' Challenge: Click the image for the activity download
A total of 50 activities, one will be added each day, each activity is worth a number of points, the challenge is to complete as many activities as you can and gain the most points as you can. The 3 people with the most points will receive a surprise Tarot Deck. The activities can be carried out in any order and responses can be sent to .
Click each image for the activity download, the PDF is editable so please type in the pale blue box, save and send to the email above.
Tarot Exercise Knights 1.jpg
Tarot Exercise Queens 1.jpg
Tarot Symbolism Exercise pic 1.jpg
Tarot Exercise Pages 1.jpg
Tarot Exercise Kings 4.jpg
The Missing Link-Activity 6.jpg
Tarot Symbolism Exercise 7 Editable PDF.
What Happens Next Exercise 9.jpg
Tarot Challenge One Card Reading-Activit
Activity 13.jpg
Tarot '50' Activity 8.jpg
Tarot '50' Activity 10.jpg
Tarot Exercise 12 The 10 of Swords  Edit
Tarot '50' Activity 14 and 15.jpg
Activity 16.jpg
Activity 17.jpg
Tarot Exercise 18.jpg
session 19 pic.png
Tarot 20 pic.png
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