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Foundation Level Tarot Course

                       So you Want to Learn Tarot

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This is the very popular International Tarot Foundation's Foundation level Tarot Course. As with all our courses, the teaching and course deliverance is based upon the 'scaffold' learning techique which is an extremely positive way to learn and especially enabling. 

We promise that you will be more confident in your reading skills when you have taken this course.

You will find that this course makes the understanding of Tarot both straightforward and enlightening.

The course looks at the fundamental basics of Tarot and tarot reading with exercises that are designed specifically to support your learning and take you through the entire 78 Tarot cards within a deck.

Associations that connect to Tarot, is an important aspect of Tarot reading so we introduce the subtle basics of Numerology with Tarot within the course and the basics of the elements too. 

The course is presented to you here on the website with the support of our PDF reader, this makes easy reading of the resource. It consists of 116 pages and a total of 20 Sessions, each with several exercises.

Course Content

What is Tarot? 

General Tarot Insights

Points to consider in reading Tarot

Shadow card

Key Major


The Rider Waite Tarot Deck Major Arcana study in detail from the Fool up to the World
The Rider Waite Tarot Deck Minor Arcana study in detail-Aces up to the 10's and the Court Cards

Each of the 78 Tarot cards will be studied and then followed in progression at each stage by exercises which will be supported with one to one mentoring.
The course will complete with Practise Readings

20 Course sessions with individual exercises per session

A completion certificate is presented at completion and if you do decide to progress forward to the Tarot Reader's Certification then you can use this course as one of the contributing modules.

Please note: Once the course has been purchased, you will be contacted with regards to the course link and the share document.

Any further questions, please contact Lara on:

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