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Tarot-the Magickal and the Mundane

Tarot is a multi faceted wonder, with many layers, we must therefor consider

carefully what it is that we actually want from Tarot when we ask a question. Clarity at the onset is essential because once you lose sight of this initial aim, you lose sight of the message and confusion sets in. Sometimes this leads to a spiral of readings that make even less sense than the first one.

Every time we each lay cards, we have both purpose and aim in mind, reading Tarot would be so much easier to comprehend if we would remember the importance of the two and not divert from them.

The magick of Tarot is that it is can change lives, it can navigate us over many a mountain that develops in our path and it can show us the very mysteries of life that may eluded our pre Tarot existence.

In a nutshell, we are granted knowledge but do we always accurately interpret this knowledge into a message that gives us the answer which we are meant to recieve?

Part of the problem with interpretation is not exactly an inability to understand the insight and the meaning of Tarot but more so there is a problem with us pushing aside the original question, the original reason for the reading.

A good example for this is with the Daily Card reading. This is where we lay a card in the morning to see what the energy of the day ahead will be. This gives us an indication of what we can expect from the day ahead. Mostly, the energy of a daily read will be a mundane one. Sometimes a significant issue will see the reoccurance of a Major Arcna when it is needed.

Let us imagine the card we are given is the Magician, we are now thinking about the amazing manifestations that we will be enjoying throughout the day. After all we have the elements of the universe at our fingertips. What an exciting day we will have today....or will we?

​As with all effective journalling, we re-visit the day's activities and we wonder what happened to our magickal pursuits because they simply did not happen.

In fact most of the day was spent waiting for roadside recovery after the car had broken down.

You cannot imagine how you were the Magician at any part of the day, but hold on, did the mechanic who turned up with the recovery truck carry out a fix on your car rather than just taking a quick look and suggesting that he tows you to the garage?

Yes, he did and more so his makeshift repair is still working.

So the reason that I give this example is because when we lay cards we will do ourselves the biggest justice to remember what we are specifically reading for, the purpose and the aim.

The energy of the day is what we are a part of, we are of the day and what happens within that day so look beyond yourself, look at the wider picture and how you feature within that day.

The Magician is a very universal energy but he brought his energy to benefit an aspect of our day in a mundane manner and yet without him, it could not have been as positive an outcome as it was.

Try to always think outside of the box and remember that the original reason for the reading and the question is key to the answer, revisit both before your final interpretation.

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