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Over-reading and the Road to Tarot Confusion

I am certain of the general agreement that Tarot offers us readers a wealth of insight and guidance but there are times when we can create our own blocks.

When a reader is faced with a block, no amount of intuition or study tends to help.

There are several reasons why a reader experiences a block but one reason is over-reading.

The never ending cycle of reading for the same question, again and again creates endless confusion with no offer of clarity.

Over-reading can be caused by a lack of initial understanding of how to interpret the reading, a desire for an alternative outcome or becoming obsessed with the subject or a simple block from tiredness/fatigue.

The only thing that ends up being offered is a very frustrating situation that leaves you more in the dark than you were at the start of the reading!

In this situation, do yourself the biggest favour and journal the first reading and do not move on from this reading until you have formed some understanding of what the message is.

Get your journal out, get back to basics and ground yourself and your tarot understanding.

It will serve you well allow yourself to rely on your intuition, develop your feel for reading but remain objective.

Objectivity is not easy, especially when it is very likely that the core reason for over- reading is due to you having a personal interest in the situation.

That said, it IS possible to remain objective but you must practise unbias, keep personal feelings and opinion at bay and look at the reading from a tempered perspective.

Try to put the reason for the reading aside and then focus on formatting your interpretation based upon your traditional method of reading.

In fact, don't be suprised if you see a lay of cards that look too good to be true ( you will know the answer deep down but may be in denial) or a lay of cards with a firm message of let it go!

You may also find that your readings turn into daily ones no matter how much into the future you are hoping to see.

Of course, not everyone will have this issue because not everyone will over read but to those who may do, the ideal is not to over-read in the first place.

What will be will be and the situation will not change just because your cards present a different lay of cards to you

But this will be a lesson that comes over time and experience.

At the very best, if you need to, leave the reading in your journal and re visit over a period of time, you may find a wealth of learning from adding feedback to the reading.

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