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Mundane Tarot Reading or Blessing in Disguise!

I always want to deliver a meaningful and guiding reading for a client but sometimes at the start of a reading I wonder how the reading will pan out.

My client is sitting, full of interest and expectation and there we have it, I lay what seems to be the most mundane and uneventful set of cards possible.

Nothing much is happening in this client's life I begin to think upon first glance which is unusual as this is a 12 month read too.

No significant life events and nothing dramatic is looming inbetween the energy of the cards... but we do have temperance as card 1.

I looked more so for links, especially a card that may connect with the energy of Temperance and tell me a little more about why this lady felt in need for a reading.

I glanced over to the 4 of Swords and asked myself why the 4 of Swords coming up in the relationship set of cards and why the 4 of Wand's energy that was coming up.

In general this was a positive reading, but one with little forward movement. We did not see any cards of hurt and yet this lady is cautious in taking steps forward.

Temperance must be here for a significant reason so I begin to think that there are past circumstances that have recently come to a point of consolidation. She has reconciled her internal issues and is maintaining the status quo, for now but in fact it continues further into the year ahead with little change.

This is an important point, we come to the crux of the reading and need to look at what has brought this balanced but non moving period.

I lay 2 cards and see the Tower and the 5 of Cups and this peek into the past shows the deep regret that has been difficult to move forward from even though healing is and has been experienced already.

At this point I explain the two cards and we discuss an event that has caused the lady pain and deep sadness.

She explained that a previous close friend had contacted her and asked if they could meet after rekindling their friendship and becoming more connected in a romantic sense. They were both extremeley excited and looking forward to arranging their date but very sadly it was not meant to be because he passed in a tragic road accident very soon after.

Naturally, the client was devastated and it took a very long time to recover, she just could not stop thinking about what could have been.

Now I realise why Temperance was the first card, she had come to a level and balanced way of being, she had learnt and healed but was clearly not ready to progress until she was ready and able to.

I explained to the querent that there was not so much to tell her except she is doing exactly what she needs to at this point and that is very little. She is in a holding place currently and fully healing before she moves on with the next phase of her life.

So this reading, as quiet as it seemed was certainly a blessing, it was exactly as it needed to be, mundane but esseentially so


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