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The Pillars of Balance

The High Priestess and Justice are linked closely via Numerology as Shadow Pairs. Justice is a Master number 11 and would reduce to the number 2 ( if it wasn't a Master number) which is the number of the High Priestess. The imagery of the two are often similar in energy, both sit on their throne within pillars, reigning supreme over their domain. The High Priestess speaks of calm, stillness and the inner balance that we create through non reaction. Her presence in our life suggests that we are we maintain our connection between thought and feeling and listen within. Justice sits firmly within her pillars, as upright as her sword. Her fairness an expression of absolute unbias. If Justice comes up in your reading, you can be confident that Justice will be served, there is no doubt of this. She will bring re-balance where needed and where deserved and in similar fashion to the High Priest

High Priestess and Justice Deck images of the Tarot Illuminati by kind permission of Erik C Dunne

ess, no action is needed on our part. The universe is already overseeing that Justice will be delivered and the sword of truth will speak. Tarot Illuminati

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