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The Multi Faceted Fool

The Multi Faceted Fool. There he is, ready to take the next step without a care in the world, he worries not of what lies before him and neither past nor present. Is it any wonder that we are curious of his intentions, his feelings and his understanding because here he is before us, a seemingly unaffected mind and a Soul that is unlearnt. We may long for this feeling, where the world is full of joy and zest for life but is it realistic? Can there really be he, whom we call the Fool or is he a figment of imagination, a state of mind or a potential of what if? But then without him what chance do we have? Will we ever have the courage to move forward to grasp the opportunity of a brighter future..Will we ever see the simple joy in life again before our burdens weighted us down? We sure do need our Fool, whether his presence be signalling a relationship potential that falls within the realm of all possibilities and quite likely none. Or the dream of another time and place although they say that the grass really is not greener on the other side. He is the new Soul, the first flutters of love, the light as we step out of the tunnel and the infinate potential of everything and yet nothing. Unless of course-we takes that step. Waite Smith-1971 US Games.

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