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The Hierophant's Leverage

The 5 of Pentacles comes into our lives or our client's lives at times when they are struggling in some aspect. We cannot discount the fact that there are two individuals in the card, we therefor need to consider the role of each within the scenario. The struggle is evident but why such misery as the imagery reflects? For some reason, these guys are in that difficult place where hope is lost and they don't know which way to turn. If we are looking at a relationship then we are looking at one where there is little empathy for each other's predicament because they are focused on their own misery and quite possible even adding to the others misery by detaching themselves to some degree from their partner. The Hierophant's energy is in presence and he may well be the root of the problem. I find often that there is a 'difference' in the relationship, such as age difference, different cultures and so on. This difference is magnified in the presence of the Hierophant who is forever the traditionalist. I find it quite sad because often we are often seeing a relationship decline at this point, yet they are each still hanging in there. Transfer this to any aspect of one's life, whether it be finances, career etc but the theme is the same and because this is the realm of earth, it is worth reminding our client is a considerate way that such struggles can affect our health if we are not careful and if we allow a situation to continue over the longterm. Waite Smith 1971

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