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Mentor's Certificate

As you most probably know, the ITF is an approved course provider. The success of our teaching is focused very much so on our mentoring process that we offer to students both on individual courses and the Certification program.

We are especially select on who 'tutors' our student.

What we are proposing for those who are interested, is offering training to a number of individuals who are interested in gaining their Mentors qualification with us.

The training will involve 'shadowing' on mentoring documents with Lara, evaluations and practical mentoring with some of our students. Of course, this is beneficial to both of the 'trainee' and ITF, in essence we are sharing resources but giving something to our members that they can take and carry forward into other areas if they so choose.

We hope to be able to offer some mentoring with ourselves too, we give a token payment to those who help mentor our students and gain their certificate.

Contact Support

Thank you for submitting your application.

Your application will be reviewed by our team and you will be notified of the outcome within 5 business days.

Register Your Interest

If you are interested in taking up this opportunity then please complete the form so we can register you.

We will offer this to a small number of members initially but will offer places at intervals throughout the year so everyone is given the opportunity.

Please make sure that you have time to commit to this before registering.There is a section on the form that allows further information to be provided, if there is a suitable time/month that is more convenient for you then please tell us and we can compile a time table accordingly.

We expect the Certificate to take at least 5 months to achieve with approximately 4 hours each week of your time.

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