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Considering becoming a Tarot Reader and don't know where to start?

Becoming a Tarot Reader can be one of the most significant journeys's of your life. Learning to read Tarot can be as simple as you want it to be or a fascinating delve into the workings of the universe and how one aspect connects with another.

Let's start at the beginning.......

You will need:

One Tarot Deck

Reading Cloth  (Optional)

One Journal

One pen

Acquiring your First Deck
There are various thoughts on how a new reader ideally acquires their first Tarot Deck. Some would suggest that the ideal is to be gifted the Tarot Deck.
Some believe this is not neccessary at all and to buy your own Tarot Deck is perfectly fine.
In essence, it will not have any impact or influence on your reading development or otherwise whether you purchase your own deck or not.
What kind of Tarot Deck?
There are many different styles of Tarot Decks, some are more widely used than others and some are more pictorial within imagery and others are symbolic.
Whichever you choose, choose one that you feel like the look of and are drawn to. We tend to advise our students to purchase a Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck or one that is similar.
Where to Buy?
There are many places that sell Tarot Decks both on line shops and retail metaphysicical shops.
I cannot stress the value of journaling from day 1, take your Tarot Deck out from the pack and get to  know it. Write about how you feel when you look at the indivdual cards,  compare cards and make notes on what you see within the imagery. 
We offer our visitors a Free PDF download that includes some basic tips for beginners.
Click the image to download
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