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Mentoring at the

International Tarot Foundation

The Tarot community is fast developing and the desire to seek out development and study is increasing alongside this growth. 

Therefor, just as any community grows, so do the opportunities for commercial potentials, whether this be the service of professional Tarot Readings, or Tarot teaching and courses, memberships to organizations plus book and deck sales.

At the International Tarot Foundation, we are comitted to Tarot development, teaching students and supporting readers and within this ethos, significance is on supported learning and mentoring the student.

Learning theories support the fact that learning is not incidental, of course we can pass anyone a resource and ask them to work through it on their own and some individuals will be able to learn at least something from that resource. Depending on their learning style, they may learn lots and be able to apply that learning but not many of us are able to achieve the optimum learning from such a situation.

Mentoring allows intervention and development, it allows opportunity for conceptual learning and the development of skills at their optimal potential. 

If any aspect of study is not understood, there is an open line of communication where discussion can take place. This is vitally important because you cannot build one's knowledge on a rocky foundation!

We like to see our students learn and learn with confidence and then apply that learning with confidence and this is all facilitated within a mentor/student relationship.

A firm foundation, a firm structure of learning is built and then we gradually take a gradual step back and let our students grow in independence and strength.

We focus so much on the mentoring that we encourage all our students to study and read with a mentor giving feedback and we give it Free.

There really is nothing more satisfying that seeing a beginner flourish into a confident and independent reader. 

If a Student has a specific learning issues, we can tailor their mentoring accordingly.

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