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Intermediate Level Tarot Course

                       The Essential Next Step

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Another one of our very popular Tarot courses which follows on nicely from the Foundation level course as it is designed to progress those who have their Tarot foundation and understanding already and now need to develop confidence in their reading.

This course will teach you how to confidentally read a spread of card including the Celtic Cross spread, recognise the interaction of the cards and associating aspects such as Numerology, Elemental Dignitries and an introduction to the astrological associations. 

You will learn how the Tarot Key Major enhances the insight of the reading and how the shadow card can give you more insight into the reading.


Within the couse, you will find links to the exercises, these exercises are in form format and allow you to add your answers which go automatically to your mentor.

At this point you will work together on a shared document that saves as you each type and your mentor can also see and read at the same time. This allows more 'real time' mentoring which works well between the mentor and the student.

A completion certificate is presented at completion and if you do decide to progress forward to the Tarot Reader's Certification then you can use this course as one of the contributing modules. The course consists of 117 pages and 17 exercises in total.

Please note: Once the course has been purchased, your mentor will contact you with regards to the course link and the share document.

Any further questions, please contact Lara on:

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