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Your Personal Guidance- Judgement

Now is the time for action.

Have you been avoiding/ignoring an important matter even though the universe has been trying to 'nudge' you to take action with it?

Look at which area of your life is currently affecting your own internal balance and ask if you have applied good judgement to this and ensured that you can reap the positive results.
Consider your actions wisely, there is a knowledge that comes with the energy of this card and also a responsibility.

It is now the time to look at the area of your life that you know will benefit from assessment,  do you have a relationship that needs a breath of fresh air, do you need to focus on health?

As we know, the actions we take in life sometimes become our regrets which we often pay for in sweat, blood and tears.

Judgement lets us let go of this, we have paid our dues and we do not achieve anything by holding on to past pain. 
The time has come to embrace the transformation that now awaits. 

Card Image:Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by kind permission of Robert Place


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