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The 6 of Pentacles from the Gilded Tarot Deck- Ciro Marchetti

The 6 in itself is a number of balance and with the 6 of pentacles  we see an attempt to develop harmony within a situation or relationship.

As the card's imagery suggests, we may not be experiencing true equilibrum because this card's energy tends to indicate a measured giving of oneself or of one's resources.

So the question is, what is your role within this energy, are you the one giving of your 'measured' resources or are you at the receiving end of the deal?

The guidance is two ways as is any exchange of energy, it should be fair but who decides on what is fair because this is not Justice who levels her scales, more so, the fairness experienced in this card is most likely to stem from one person's perspective only.

If this card represents your experience within a relationship then it is likely that your partner measures their 'giving' to you, you may find yourself being left needing more but the other person maintains the control over this.

If you are waiting for monies due to you, this card can often represent it coming but it may not be quite as much as you expected or wanted but you accept the difference due to your needs.

In essence, this card is positive in basis but what you need to decide is does it measure up to what you need and to what you are happy to accept.

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