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Your Personal Guidance-The Lovers

You may be faced with a situation that presents you with a degree of conflict and opportunity (from another perspective) 
Of course some situations help us to grow personally and some will challenge our will and our strength .
The question to yourself is how can you make good opportunity from a choice that you currently need to think upon.

The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery Knight has a choice to make, he desires a lover.

Will he choose sensuality who tempts him with her vibrant, youthful presence
or will he choose Virtue, who adorns her hair with the noble Laurel wreath? 
Virtue tempts differently but she presents hime with the honorable choice?
You are at a point now where you can bring balance into your life, you will of course need to rely on a degree of logic, emotion and reason . 

Consider where in your life there is a need for balance, it is likely that there are two options being presented to you and how you choose will offer the potential for peace of mind and harmony, as the Lovers energy is presently influencing you, there is opportunity for this balance to be achieved.

Card Image:Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by kind permission of Robert Place


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