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Session Two

The All Important Image

The image that you present, is your potential client's first impression.

I think its fair to say that the image of Tarot Readers themselves is evolving. The traditional image of the Gypsy Tarot Reader sitting at the clothed table within the dark, curtained booth may not quite be what you will find these days if you book a Tarot Reading. 

However, this traditional image is stored fondly in our minds and there lies many traditions that slowly fade with the technically developing world.

To know the image that you want to portray is important,  this image will be transferred across to your business platform, your social media platform, promotional material and logos.

So why is image important?

Your image will help you form a relationship with a potential/current client, many Tarot Readings are purchased at a time when the individual is looking for answers, they may be at a crossroads and need guidance.

Maybe your image needs to send out a message of trust?

Do you want to maintain a traditional image of a Tarot Reader or a more modern image?

Once you have decided upon the way that you want to present yourself and your business you can then work around this when creating your business platform.

So let's focus on image!

This brings us to your first Task!

Part One of your Task: Choosing your image
You are now a potential client, you are considering purchasing a Tarot reading on line and are looking through a number of websites to see which one catches your eye.
Choose two websites that appeal to you and evaluate each site.
You can present this in any format that you wish to use, it can be note form or maybe a comparison chart?
Here are some thoughts on the considerations that you may want to look out for.
  • First impression:what are your feelings when you view the site
  • Does the website appeal to you emotionally
  • Do you trust the look of one more than the other
  • Does the website have a modern or a traditional feel to it
  • Do you see the readers, are there images of the readers.
  • What are the difference in the presentation/colours
  • Is a slogan used, legal information or a mission statement.
  • What are the colours of the site that your prefer.
Now that you have some ideas, you can do some research and put together your evaluation of each site.
Part Two of your Task
The second part of this task is to evaluate a Tarot Reading website that does not appeal to you in any way. Look at the points that you looked to in Part one of the task if you feel they would help.
Discuss the aspects of the site that do not appeal to you and why you feel they do not.
Part 3 of your Task: The Conclusion
Your task at this point is to write a summary of your 'research'. What did you learn. Has your perspective changed at all?
If you have a website already, you may wish to include it in the evaluation or not, the choice is yours.
If you do have a website, is there anything that yould now change about it and lastly, discuss the image that you would like to portray.
Please present your work on a document and send to :
and use a header for each section of the task: Part One, two and three.
Title the document:
Make Tarot your Business
Session 2: The All Important Image
Please do not forget to add your name and email to the document also
You have two weeks to complete the task and please discuss any aspects of this session below or post any questions.
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