CARTA Awards 2020 Outstanding Artistic Achievement Nominees as Selected by the ITF Panel of Judges.
You are voting for your favorite deck that you feel expresses outstanding artistic expression.

Yggdrasil- G. Hauksdóttir and published by Llewelyn Worldwide.

ODIN 1.jpg
FREYA 1.jpg
Otherkin Tarot- Siolo Thompson and published by Llewellyn Worldwide
Otherkin Tarot.jpg
otherkin 1.jpg
otherkin 3.jpg
Herbcrafter's Tarot- Joanna Powell Colbert published by US Games
Herb crafters tarot.png

Divine Animals Oracle:  Kinga Britschgi. Published by Rockpool publishing

Divine Animals Oracle 2.jpg
Divine Animals Oracle 3.jpg
Divine Animals Oracle 4.jpg

Divine Muses Oracle-Maree Bento and self published by Maree Bento

Divine Muses Oracle 2.jpg
Divine Muses Oracle 6.jpg