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It is with great pleasure and appreciation that we introduce our Our 2022 CARTA Cartomancy Awards panel judges for the eligible decks and products of 2021

Melissa Pandina

Melissa Pandina.jpg

Melissa is a freelance illustrator (BFA from MassArt) whose work has been internationally published and sold. Fifteen years ago, she began studying tarot reading. Since then, she progressed to reading professionally.

Melissa's interest developed into studying the runes, tea leaf reading and palmistry.

She has felt honored in having the opportunity to teach divination and earth based spirituality at several festivals and is now teaching painting at HCC.

To add to an already impressive  portfolio, Melissa also co-founded Awentree, a metaphysical store in Massachusetts.

Melissa is now looking forward to the release of the deck that she has created: the Oracle of the Seer (slated for a 2020 release).

Attila Karpathy

Attila Karpathy, from Transylvania, is  a self confessed Tarotrolog,  a Tarot reader, cardmaker and artist.
He has dedicated his entire life to research and study of esoteric sciences.
Currently, Attila transposes the knowledge that he  has gathered over the years into creating Tarot decks and writing books. 

He is also an active partner in the International Tarot Foundation


Rebecca Rane

Rebecca Rane grew up with star signs, pendulums, and psychic readings.

As a child, her innate connection to spirit was never challenged, and it is part and parcel of who she is.

When Rebecca was 17, her sister opened a small psychic reading shop and gifted her The Magickal Tarot. This was the first deck of her very own, but it certainly wasn’t her last! Thirty years later, Rebecca’s love and dedication to tarot manifested in her ownership of

Rebecca takes great joy in discovering new decks, hunting down treasures, and connecting them with tarot lovers worldwide. She does it all from her base in Brisbane, Australia, while sending her unique sparkle to all. 

Bec Rosemary.jpg

Paula McNally


Paula McNally is an art educator.  She holds a BS in Education from Southern Connecticut State University, a Masters in Art Education from Rhode Island School of Design, and a 6th Year degree in education from Sacred Heart University. She has over 40 years experience teaching art in public schools in Northeastern Connecticut, as well as at Three Rivers Community Collage, and Eastern Connecticut State University. 

She joined the Tarot Readers Study and Development group in 2019 and recently has joined the Admin team. In this role she enjoys developing content and exercises to assist members in developing a deeper understanding of the tarot through exploring the card’s meanings, imagery, and symbolism.

Lara Houston

Lara is the founder of the International Tarot Foundation, she enjoys the teaching and the study of Tarot with both passion and commitment, having written a comprehensive range of popular courses.

Her foundation is educationally based, having worked within a formal school setting for pupils with special educational needs.  Her professional and formal qualifications involve the study of  the learning and behaviour theorists including learning concepts  plus 10 accreditation courses with Manchester University including Autism, Dyslexia, Delayed Development Disorders, Speech and Language, Makaton sign language, Dyspraxia, Complex learning Difficulties, Severe Learning Difficulties.

This formal study has offered a reliable foundation for her work with the International Tarot Foundation.

Lara's  focus and love is of the spiritual aspect of Tarot, the spiritual journey and soul development.  An important aim for Lara is thatTarot will be given the recognition that it deserves as a serious academic study.

She describes herself as an intuitive reader being initially self taught from giving hundreds of reading free and journalling. 

Lara also founded the Facebook group: Tarot Readers Development and Study Group which now enjoys over 18,000 members.

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