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The Fool from the Gilded Tarot Deck- Ciro Marchetti

The Fool brings an interesting energy to your life at this moment in time, the universe is your oyster and you are about to embark on new territory. This can be in a literal or non literal sense but whatever this energy is bringing for you, it is something that you have not experienced before and a feeling of freedom.

There are no restrictions holding you back and the road ahead is paved with potential and what may be. 

So what of the guidance of this card because whilst the Fool looks to travel lightly, his guidance carries weight.

Whilst you may be contemplating this new experience, remember that the Fool however foolish he may seem, he is also a reminder to take some care.

It is very easy to become carried away by the moment but you will also be wise to remember that the open road, whilst it looks refreshingly adventurious,  may also leave you exposed.

Remember to consider all potentials, make sure that you have a back up plan and risk assess the situation and then you can enjoy the moment, the journey or opportunity with some reassurance. 

But either way, the Fool will surely bring learning your way.

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